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15 Inch HyperCube


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Step into a realm of light like never before with the Hyperspace Lighting Company HyperCube Infinity Cube LED Light. This 15-inch marvel transforms any space into an infinite galaxy of lights, offering a mesmerizing display perfect for gamers, bedrooms, or living rooms in need of a creative revamp. Powered by hyper-chromatic technology, this cube boasts fully customizable LED animations and an impressive spectrum of 16 million colors. Utilize the Hyperspace Lighting app to tailor brightness, speed, and patterns, with over 90 options in kaleidoscopic, meditative, and sound reactive modes. Sync the light to your music, creating a dynamic and immersive personal light show that adapts to every beat. Crafted with premium scratch-proof acrylic mirrors, this HyperCube is not just a lamp but a piece of art. Elevate your ambiance, synchronize multiple cubes, and immerse yourself in the ultimate visual experience. It’s not just a lamp; it’s an invitation to a new dimension of lighting.

Product description

The Hyperspace Lighting Company’s HyperCube Infinity Cube LED Light is a minimalist and stylish addition to any space. Measuring 15 inches in diameter, it features an array of energy-efficient LED lights cleverly placed within scratch-proof acrylic mirrors, creating a mesmerizing display of lights. The cube is made from wood, rubber, plastic, cast metal, and acrylic materials, giving it a modern and sleek finish. With adjustable color temperature and color-changing capabilities, this night light is perfect for decoration in living rooms and bedrooms. Powered by corded electricity, it offers 150 adjustable lighting sources, controllable through an app with smart features. The HyperCube’s innovative design and customizable lighting make it a unique and attractive piece for enhancing any room’s ambiance.

Mesmerizing Light Show Decor
Sound Reactive Table Lamp
Mesmerizing Light Show

Transform your space with the HyperCube’s infinite galaxy of lights, creating a hypnotic and visually stunning ambiance that adds a touch of magic to your surroundings.

Customizable Lighting Experience

Enjoy up to 16 million color combinations and over 90 patterns with adjustable brightness and speed, allowing you to tailor the lighting to suit every mood and occasion.

Sound Reactive Party Atmosphere

Elevate your entertainment with next-gen sound reactivity that synchronizes the lights to the beat of your music, turning your room into an immersive personal lightshow for an unforgettable party experience.

More about the product

Embark on a captivating journey with the Hyperspace Lighting Company’s HyperCube Infinity Cube LED Light. This 15-inch marvel creates an infinite galaxy of mesmerizing lights, transforming any space into an enchanting realm. With over 16 million color combinations and 90+ patterns, customizable through the Hyperspace Lighting App, this cube ensures the perfect ambiance for every mood. The sound-reactive feature turns any gathering into a dynamic lightshow synced to your music. Built with premium materials, it’s a sleek and immersive addition to your decor, providing endless creative possibilities. Illuminate your space with the HyperCube for an extraordinary experience.




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