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Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to show your support for the Hedera Hashgraph network? Look no further than our antique color gold HBAR coin! Our antique gold HBAR token, also known as a gold Hedera coin, is made of gold plated metal and is a perfect way to commemorate and express your support for the network. It’s a beautiful physical coin that can be displayed on your desk or added to your collection. Not only that, but it also makes a great gift for fellow enthusiasts of the network. Show your dedication and support for the Hedera network by owning one of our limited edition gold HBAR tokens. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of the Hedera network’s history, Purchase your limited edition gold HBAR token today. A 2-inch diameter (50.8 mm) 50-gram coin and coin stand is included.

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Product description

The Gold Antique Physical Hedera HBAR Coin is a distinctive and elegant tribute to the Hedera Hashgraph network. Crafted through the meticulous process of coining, this limited edition coin features a unique design on a gold-plated metal disc, creating a tangible and aesthetically pleasing keepsake. The coin, with a 2-inch diameter and 50-gram weight, is accompanied by a coin stand for display. The gold plating adds a touch of opulence, creating a shimmering finish that not only serves a decorative purpose but also provides a layer of protection against corrosion. This physical coin is a remarkable expression of support for Hedera Hashgraph, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to own a piece of its history. Perfect for display on a desk or as part of a collection, this gold HBAR token is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any Hedera Hashgraph enthusiast’s repertoire.

Hedera HBAR Gold Coin Gift Cryptocurrency
Plastic Display Challange Coin Stand Black
Antique Gold Elegance

Elevate your collection with our Antique Gold Hedera HBAR Coin, a symbol of elegance and technological sophistication.

Decentralized Brilliance

Own a piece of the future with our Antique Gold Hedera Hashgraph Coin, embodying the brilliance of decentralized innovation in a limited edition.

Golden Tribute Token

Make a statement with our Antique HBAR Coin, a golden tribute to innovation and the perfect gift for those who appreciate the artistry of blockchain technology.

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