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Boost your presence on Hexa Social with our Points Purchase feature, offering you 6,000 points! When you make a post, it can quickly get buried under new content. By buying these points, you can push your post back to the top, ensuring it gets more visibility, responses, and diverse perspectives. Plus, points allow you to elevate your status by changing your badge. Reach the pinnacle of respect with the coveted ‘Hexa God’ badge, signifying the highest level on the forum. Not only does it command respect, but it also showcases your strong community support. As a bonus, 25% of the revenue goes towards burning HEXA tokens used in the transaction, and the remaining percentage is intelligently divided, with 37.5% injected into liquidity, ensuring a more robust and liquid market, and the other 37.5% permanently stored in a vault forever, locking in substantial value into the cryptocurrency. This not only stabilizes the currency but also strengthens the overall ecosystem, providing lasting benefits for Hexa Social users. Remember, to maintain your Hexa God badge, you must consistently have 6000 points.

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Enhance your Hexa Social experience by securing 6,000 points through our Points Purchase feature! When your valuable post risks being overshadowed by newer content, these points become your ticket to resurfacing it to the top. Picture this as your megaphone, ensuring your post gains the visibility, responses, and diverse perspectives it deserves. Your journey doesn’t stop there – use these points to tweak your badge and ascend to the prestigious ‘Hexa God’ level, the ultimate symbol of respect within our community. Beyond personal recognition, your purchase has a broader impact. A quarter of the revenue contributes to burning HEXA tokens, reinforcing the stability of our cryptocurrency. The remaining crypto is strategically allocated, injecting 37.5% into liquidity for a more robust market and safeguarding another 37.5% in a permanent vault – a perpetual lock ensuring lasting value in our ecosystem. This isn’t just a purchase; it’s a strategic move to fortify Hexa Social for sustained benefits. And remember, maintaining the Hexa God badge requires a consistent balance of 6000 points. Elevate your presence, strengthen our community, and lock in lasting value – all with Hexa Social’s Points Purchase feature!

Buy points and boost your post on Hexa Social forum.
Use Hexa Soical points to boost post visibility
Boost Post Visibility

Rise above the clutter by purchasing points and bring your posts to the forefront!

Attain 'Hexa God' Badge

Elevate your status on the forum to the prestigious Hexa God level and command respect!

Lock in Crypto Value

Secure the future of our community by locking in substantial value with each Points Purchase!

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Boost your Hexa Social presence with 6,000 points! Elevate posts, earn the Hexa God badge, and contribute to the community’s stability by intelligently distributing proceeds, injecting liquidity, and permanently locking in value. Strengthen the Hexa Social community while enjoying enhanced visibility and recognition.



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