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Unlock the full potential of your presence on Hexa Social by becoming verified! While it’s not mandatory for regular users, getting verified showcases your strong community support and grants you a distinctive blue checkmark next to your username, highlighting your credibility. The verified status lasts for one year, ensuring ongoing recognition. For businesses aiming to provide services to our vibrant community, verification is a must. All verified businesses receive the coveted checkmark, enhancing trust and visibility. What makes this process even more impactful is our unique non-profit model. All revenue generated through verification is converted into Hexa Social cryptocurrency, securely stored in a permanent vault forever, preserving its value for the long term. By becoming verified, you not only gain recognition but contribute to the sustainability of our community-driven platform. Join us in fostering trust, transparency, and community growth!

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Elevate your Hexa Social experience by becoming a verified user! This unique status not only solidifies your commitment to community support but also unlocks exclusive privileges for businesses to seamlessly offer their services on the forum. Verified users enjoy enhanced engagement and trust within our vibrant ecosystem. What makes this feature truly special is the positive ripple effect it has on our community. All revenue generated through the verification process is meticulously converted into Hexa Social cryptocurrency and securely locked away. This not only preserves the value of the token but also establishes a sustainable foundation for our non-profit model. By becoming verified, you actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of Hexa Social, fostering a stronger, more connected community. Join the league of verified users today and amplify your impact within our dynamic forum!

How to Get Verified on Hexa Social
Unlock Privileges Hexa Soical Forum
Boost Community Backing with Verification

Elevate your Hexa Social presence by getting verified, showcasing your commitment to community support and fostering a stronger, more connected network.

Unlock Exclusive Privileges for Your Business

Businesses can thrive on Hexa Social by unlocking privileged access to offer services directly to forum members, enhancing engagement and expanding your reach within our vibrant community.

Secure and Permanently Lock Revenue in Crypto

Embrace the financial empowerment journey on Hexa Social, where all revenue generated through verification is seamlessly converted and permanently locked in our cryptocurrency, establishing a sustainable foundation for community growth.

Swift Verification, Instant Privileges!

Unlock exclusive privileges on Hexa Social with our swift 2-day verification process. By exchanging value, such as purchasing points or verified status, you seamlessly qualify for verification. A username during checkout is all it takes to join our community of verified members and enjoy instant benefits!


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